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Bill Frank, J.D.
“I have known Mr. Hoyt professionally for several years as a fellow attorney. Often times I have consulted with him on law cases in order to draw on his vast knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend Mr. Hoyt.”
Rob Robison

“Brad Hoyt demonstrates exceptional legal knowledge and understanding within many different facets of the law.  His professionalism and charisma is apparent in his dealings with clients, other lawyers, and magistrates.  I would highly recommend him for legal council to anyone who needs solid representation.”

Tammy Loveless
“Brad was highly professional and attentive to my case. He responded quickly to my calls and offered me sound advice that helped me get a fair settlement. I would not hesitate to contact Brad in the future “
Dr. Andrew Limle

“Over the years Attorney Brad Hoyt has been a strong representation for several patients who have also been under my care.  He really takes his work personal and stands up for his clients.  He is thorough with his approach and is very knowledgeable with personal injury cases.  He treats every case with personal interest and ambition so the end result is optimal for his clients.”

Bernard Netus
“Bradley Hoyt is an excellent lawyer and he did a good job with my divorce.  After meeting with about 3 other lawyers prior, I knew he was the one because he actually listened to my story and I felt like he was the only person who actually cared about my situation.  The other people I met gave me the impression they were only concerned with how much they could make off the case.  He was always available when I needed him or had a question and his fees were very reasonable. I also appreciate him always trying to come to a resolution with the opposing side vs.over litigating.  If you want someone who cares and will try to resolve your situation as painless as possible Brad is your guy!!!”

“Bradley  hoyt  is  a  very  thorough  custody  law  attorney  and  has  done  a  first rate  job  for  me.  I  highly  recommend  him.”

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