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Dealing with insurance companies and bureaucracies with their vast resources can be a real challenge to injured individuals. Representing yourself can be dangerous. Our clients look to us to assure they maximize their settlement.

Although most bodily injury cases are settled prior to trial, significant recoveries are often only achieved after an trial preparation and hard work. Insurance companies and their attorneys know which attorneys are prepared to go to trial and which are not. An insurance company that knows your attorney is not prepared for trial has little incentive to offer full compensation.

We will not hesitate to fully prepare your case. If necessary we will file a lawsuit and proceeding to a jury trial if it is in your best interest.

We are available to travel to meet you at your convenience and if necessary. We have met injured clients at hospitals, nursing or convalescent facilities. We also provide flexible in-office appointment, including evenings and Saturdays.

Most cases can be handled on a contingency basis and if there is no recovery, there are no fees although there may be some costs, such as filing fees.  Usually these expenses are paid from your portion of the recovery. Any expenses you advance may or may not be reimbursed. This needs to be discussed with the attorney you hire and for my clients is the subject of a written contract.

If You’re In An Accident


If you or your family has been in an accident you have many important decisions to make.

1. Make and keep records –  If your situation involves a motor vehicle crash, regardless of who may be at fault, it is helpful to obtain a copy of the police report, learn the identity of any witnesses, and obtain photographs of the scene, vehicles, and any visible injuries. Keep copies of receipts of all your expenses and medical care related to the incident.

2. You do not have to sign anything? You may not want to give an interview or recorded statement without first consulting with an attorney, because the statement can be used against you. If you may be at fault or have been charged with a traffic or other offense, it may be advisable to consult an attorney right away. However, if you have insurance, your insurance policy probably requires you to cooperate with your insurance company and to provide a statement to the company. If you fail to cooperate with your insurance company, it may void your coverage.

3. Insur­ance company Your interests and those of the other persons insurance company are in conflict, your interests may also be in conflict with your own insurance company. Even if you are not sure who is at fault, you should contact your own insurance company and advise the company of the incident to protect your insurance coverage.

4. Time limit to file an insurance claim Legal rights, including filing a lawsuit, are subject to time limits. You should act immediately to protect your rights.

5. Get it in writing request that any offer of settlement from anyone be put in writing, including a written explanation of the type of damages which they are willing to cover. You may consult with an attorney before you sign any document or release of claims.


This information is not intended as a complete description of your legal rights, but as a checklist of some of the important issues you should consider.

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce.

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